Caveat emptor is the legal concept of “buyer beware”.  Plainly stated–make sure you do your homework ahead of time because once you have singed the contact it is too late to negotiate.  This holds true whether you are signing a personal contract or a professional one, to include those for the provision of health and wellness benefits to your employees.  With so many vendor choices in the health and wellness space, especially those with large marquee names, one would think that choosing a vendor to meet your total health and wellness needs would be easy, right?  Not so, unfortunately.  Brand name recognition does not have a direct bearing on the quality of your relationship experience.  In fact, we know far differently… there is a better than 50/50 chance that bigger is definitely not always better, nor is it capable of delivering your specific plan’s strategic and tactical requirements.

FitLyfe has come to know the shortcomings of numerous carriers in the health and wellness space. Key among those limitations is the assumption vendors have made in delivering a limited and overall inflexible technology solution.  They’re banking on a “one size fits all” model, where you can only make changes around the edges, giving you the superficial ability to customize their solution to you and your employees’ needs.

FitLyfe’s 360 Health and Wellness Platform solution turns the tables on the wellness industry because it has been designed with a fully opposite approach. Not only can you customize at the margins and at the heart of the plan design itself, we have engineered an advanced administrative interface into the Platform that gives you (or your FitLyfe account manager) full control to make those changes.  This eliminates expensive and time consuming change control processes and guarantees that our platform will truly meet your unique cultural and plan design considerations, which will maximize your member engagement, outcomes, and investment in delivering a health and wellness program.

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