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Solutions Management

FitLyfe 360 provides effective administration of wellness solutions that are data driven, transparent, and comprehensive.
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Biometric management & outcomes management

FitLyfe 360 has a comprehensive system for scheduling, conducting, and capturing biometric data. To initiate these capabilities, administrators have access to complete one of the most fundamental functions in FitLyfe 360: establishing rules for wellness program outcomes management.

Challenges management

FitLyfe 360 gives administrators multiple options for establishing, managing, and rewarding wellness challenges.
Challenges Management Dashboard
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Event management

Creating events in FitLyfe 360 is a snap. From our Events Management interface, you can create registered events, set pre-registration requirements for events, search events, and view events on the events calendar.

Points management & incentives management

FitLyfe 360 makes it easy for administrators to assign points and specify incentives and rewards for all user health and wellness activities. Administrators specify the points and badges earned for each activity.
Points Management Incentives Management Dashboard
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Engage – member communications

Communicating with your employee participants in FitLyfe 360 doesn’t require a separate system. All communications – both individual and group – can be accomplished within the platform.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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