Are you looking to get a jump start on your wellness vendor review and selection process for 2018? We at FitLyfe hope so for several reasons.  First, there are a lot of vendor options in the health and wellness market sector.  Finding the one that is truly right for you will take some time, which leads to our next point.  Numerous carriers have developed very slick marketing and sales processes, promising that all your needs will be met.  While that sounds good, we at FitLyfe have on-boarded many customers that discovered a harsh reality after the contract with their previous vendor was signed.  What was promised versus what was actually delivered were two vastly different scenarios that resulted in strategic misalignment, substandard engagement, and a host of compatibility issues that negatively impacted the member and plan sponsor experiences.  The primary theme that drove these failures is a lack of flexibility in the vendor’s health and wellness portal technology solution.

FitLyfe provides a PLATFORM solution, called FitLyfe 360. FitLyfe 360 has been designed to deliver the flexibility each plan sponsor needs and deserves to have in order to drive your wellness strategy instead of the market norm of you having to mold your plan strategy and design to the limitations of the technology.  You will not experience surprises after contracting with FitLyfe, e.g. finding out that our technology solution cannot perform as expected, that you will have to pay exorbitant change or other process fees, that the technology cannot provide the flexibility to deliver your specific outcomes or activity based plan design, etc.

Each new year we all endeavor to do better, to make positive change. Knowing that health and wellbeing is normally at the top of everyone’s personal list, shouldn’t it be at the top of your corporate list, as well?  Contact FitLyfe for a brighter and better new year for you and your employees!

Email info@ or call us at 847.781.0800 (option 3). We wish you the best in 2018 and look forward to hearing from you.