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Engage employees to adopt healthy behaviors that prevent illness and reduce the progression of disease.
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Office space with lush green plants. Sustainable and nature friendly corporate environment. Workspace for business productivity and employee wellbeing.

A culture of wellness

Maintaining high levels of employee productivity and satisfaction is critical to business success. FitLyfe 360 provides employers with a fully integrated, comprehensive wellness platform that enables you to drive healthy behaviors among your employee population while creating a culture of wellness.

  • Your wellness program helps employees make the connection between health and lifestyle, and reduce stress on a daily basis.
  • Employees who are healthy and well and who take charge of their wellness are more productive, happier, and better able to manage stress at work.

Fully integrated

FitLyfe 360 supplies you with the infrastructure needed to manage any wellness solution with ease.

  • Data is captured automatically from an array of sources, including biometric devices (e.g., blood analyzers, Cholestech), fitness trackers, physician reports (via FitDoc), kiosks in wellness centers, home or office computers, and mobile devices.
  • Program flexibility allows you to choose the wellness programs to include. You can add or delete programs at any time.
  • FitLyfe 360 presents only your brand, staff images, languages, dashboard layouts, rewards and incentives programs, educational resources, events, data, and reports. It’s a seamless system projecting your culture, values, and healthcare priorities.
  • FitLyfe 360 accepts data from recognized health and wellness vendors, such as Weight Watchers, for seamless program integration.
  • All data is automatically integrated into one central database for immediate access by users and administrators. Users can report on progress toward challenges and immediately access their rewards while administrators have real time access to set up solutions and monitor results.
Office space with lush green plants. Sustainable and nature friendly corporate environment. Workspace for business productivity and employee wellbeing.
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FitLyfe incorporates industry-leading and actionable information for valuable insight.

  • It begins with our NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment that provides an in-depth analysis into each user’s health risks.
  • Built-in reporting enables you to monitor who is participating in your wellness program, what solutions they are using, what impact it has on their health behaviors, and how sustainable those changes are.
  • Our Insight Manager allows you to conduct predictive analysis to identify at-risk populations and craft wellness solutions that address the health issues with the greatest impact on your company’s healthcare costs. You can incorporate your claims data to make the connection between wellness activities and their impact on your bottom line.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

There’s no better way to understand the power of FitLyfe 360 than to see it in action. Click the button below to request a free demonstration at your convenience.

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