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Public Sector

By pooling resources, public sector institutions can offer their employees a comprehensive wellness program that builds a culture of wellness while driving healthy behaviors and disease prevention.
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A culture of wellness

Better public health is a priority for most public sector institutions. Whether you work in a federal, state, or local government agency, educational institution, school district, police and fire department, or any other public sector agency, FitLyfe 360 offers a state-of-the-art wellness solution that incorporates all aspects of wellness program delivery and management.

  • FitLyfe 360 has a track record of incentivizing employees to take control of their health and well-being, which, in turn, reduces their healthcare expenditures.
  • You can use FitLyfe 360 to build a culture of wellness that emphasizes work/life balance and reduces stress in what are often high-stress professions.

Fully integrated and compliant

What distinguishes FitLyfe 360 from other wellness solutions is that our platform is anchored by one, central database containing all user, administrative, and analytical data. Everything is connected and fully automated with real time access.

  • Our NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment and biometric screening begin each user’s process to identify potential risks.
  • Program flexibility enables you to select the wellness solutions you want to offer, set them up, schedule communications, and initiate the platform.
  • Users have real-time access to points, incentives, and rewards to improve their health behaviors.
  • FitLyfe 360 is fully compliant with federal and state regulations and requirements, including HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid, and Section 508.
  • FitLyfe 360 contains industry-leading, AI-driven, built-in security for every page and device.
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Our Insight Manager enables program administrators to gain deep and meaningful insights into their wellness program’s success in terms of participation, moving the needle on health risks, and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Wellness analytics help you evaluate how well your wellness program is performing and where you can make improvements or fill gaps.
  • You can produce regular or customized reports to evaluate who is participating in your program and whether or not you’re moving the needle on improved health.
  • Examine specific cohorts with discrete chronic conditions to understand their impact on health care costs and identify wellness solutions that can lead to change.
  • If you choose, you can import your claims data to identify at-risk populations and craft wellness solutions that address your employee population needs, including those for chronic health conditions.
Take a Free Demo
There’s no better way to understand the power of FitLyfe 360 than to see it in action. Click the button below to request a free demonstration at your convenience.
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