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Individual Solutions

FitLyfe 360 incorporates a full range of wellness solutions that engage users to improve their health behaviors.

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Health Risk Assessment Dashboard

Health risk assessment

Anchoring all of FitLyfe 360s wellness solutions is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), a self-reported overview of each employee’s health history, conditions, behaviors, and willingness to make changes.

FitLyfe uses the industry-leading Wellsource HRA, a comprehensive system that provides in-depth information about each user’s health status and health risks.

Biometric assessment

There are multiple ways for users to send biometric data and incorporate it into FitLyfe 360: via the Health2Go mobile app, Web app, FitDoc (automated physician form processing), fax, or attending an onsite biometric screening event.

Biometric assessment
SMART Personal Goals

SMART personal goals

Each user can establish their own personal goals focusing on the areas where they want to ensure sustained wellness (to prevent disease) and improved health (to slow disease progression). These goals are created from their individual dashboard and progress toward their goals is one of the first things they see each time they sign in.

Coaching center

FitLyfe 360 offers a fully integrated coaching solution. Coaching capabilities encompass a wide range of health and wellness conditions as well as mental health and stress management.

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User engagement

Increasing user engagement is most effective when there are multiple routes for users to take to progress toward their personal goals. FitLyfe 360 offers numerous activities and programs that help users find the best methods to change their lifestyle behaviors.

Behavioral motivators

The key to wellness program success is getting employees to engage with programs and activities on an ongoing basis. FitLyfe 360 uses industry-leading and flexible systems for points, recognition, and rewards to incentivize user participation.

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Healthy recipes

One of FitLyfe 360’s most popular and unique programs is our Healthy Recipes. Unlike other wellness programs, FitLyfe 360’s Healthy Recipes give users lots of options to learn about, plan, and integrate recipes that enable them to sustain healthy eating habits and a healthy weight.

Health literacy question sets

When it comes to healthy living and lifestyles, many people don’t know what they don’t know. That’s where FitLyfe 360 Health Literacy Question Sets come in. The purpose of Health Literacy Question Sets is to educate users about health, wellness, and lifestyle best practices that empower them to make better health choices and adopt healthy behaviors.

Health Literacy Question Sets
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Mental health library

FitLyfe 360 includes an extensive library of educational resources to educate users about a wide array of mental and emotional health topics. Nearly two dozen courses are included that cover topics such as stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, happiness, mindfulness, emotional wellness, motivation, relationships, parenting, gratitude, and relaxation. Courses are self-paced, engaging, and stigma free.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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