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Health Plans

FitLyfe 360 provides health plans with a comprehensive wellness solution that makes program management simple and increases your revenue margins.
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Fully integrated

FitLyfe 360 makes everything you need accessible via one, central database for all your wellness solutions, administration, data management and analysis. There’s no need to cobble together multiple vendors and solutions – everything you need is integrated into FitLyfe 360.

  • Choose the wellness programs you want to implement and add or delete programs at any time to create the best wellness solutions for each of your clients.
  • Our fully integrated coaching infrastructure covers everything from scheduling through telehealth and reporting by your coaches.
  • You get the full spectrum of state-of-the-industry wellness solutions, including an NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment, automated biometric reporting, and a robust array of rewards solutions and incentives.
  • All FitLyfe 360 solutions and technology are compliant with federal and state requirements as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPAA.
  • All FitLyfe 360 data is owned by you and can be accessed in real time, 24/7. There are no manual processes to complete reporting and no extra fees for reports.

Ideal for evaluating risk

Beyond regular reporting for each wellness solution, our Insight Manager lets you see who’s participating, what activities they are pursuing, and how well the program is working to change behaviors.
  • You can also import claims data to identify at-risk populations and craft wellness solutions that address the health issues driving the greatest healthcare costs.
  • Over time, you can even use claims data to determine risk adjustments to prevent you from missing real risks among your participant population.
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Customization & streamlined administration

The FitLyfe 360 platform provides a number of important ways to customize your wellness program.

  • The platform is custom branded to your organization, not only with your name and logo, but even with images from your participant population.
  • You can design dashboards to accommodate the wellness solutions you offer. You can also customize challenges, rewards and incentives, educational content, and events.
  • Create custom reports that provide you with the right information for your assessment needs.
  • FitLyfe 360 makes administration simple with fully automated operations, including data management on eligibility, onboarding and offboarding, and user communications. You don’t need to allocate a lot of staff to administer your wellness program – FitLyfe 360 manages the lion’s share.
Take a Free Demo
There’s no better way to understand the power of FitLyfe 360 than to see it in action. Click the button below to request a free demonstration at your convenience.
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