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Health Systems

FitLyfe 360 gives health systems complete control over their wellness platform and supplies real time data to drive meaningful results.
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A competitive advantage

FitLyfe 360 provides health systems with a strategic tool for generating more healthcare leads and revenues.

  • By expanding your wellness program and inviting community businesses to participate, health systems can broaden their base of participants who rely on them for diagnostic testing, coaching services, and other health and wellness services. In cases where health conditions progress, your health system already has a relationship with patients, which can translate into gaining their ongoing treatment costs – a real competitive advantage.
  • FitLyfe 360 gives health systems complete control over your clients. We provide the wellness technology platform – you own and manage the relationships with your wellness clients.
  • Our custom branded solution keeps your brand in the forefront of the technology platform and all communications. Your employees and clients only see your brand.

Fully Automated

Unlike other wellness programs, FitLyfe 360 is fully automated to streamline data capture and minimize administration. There’s no need to import data from multiple sources. Everything is connected to the central database.
  • Outcomes from biometric testing devices, such as blood analyzers and Cholestech, are automatically integrated into each user’s file.
  • FitLyfe 360 accepts a wide array of commercial tracking devices, such as FitBit, and provides multiple ways for participants to track and report on their activities, such as kiosks in system fitness centers.
  • With FitDoc, results from physician testing are automatically populated in each user’s file. This means you have real time, 24/7 access to all your information.
  • FitLyfe 360 data integrates with your EMR to minimize data entry and make relevant health and wellness information accessible.
  • All data is HIPAA compliant and subject to stringent security to keep your data safe.
  • You own all your data and have immediate access, 24/7. There is no delay in establishing eligibility, getting reports, or importing and exporting data.
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Program flexibility

FitLyfe 360 allows you to design your wellness program with the solutions that meet your population health needs.

  • Choose your program design and add or delete wellness programs based on performance – at any time.
  • Our Health Risk Assessment is NCQA-certified and automatically incorporates real time biometric screenings.
  • Our coaching platform offers the advanced infrastructure your health system can use for comprehensive and efficient coaching services, including all scheduling, telehealth, and reporting.
  • Employee rewards and incentives in FitLyfe 360 are robust. You can create individual, group, and disease management incentives to drive the behavior changes that will make the greatest impact on your bottom line.
  • Create automatic reports with deep insight into each employee’s health status and risks on the fly and in real time. There’s no extra charge for reports; they are all included in FitLyfe 360.

Take a free demo

There’s no better way to understand the power of FitLyfe 360 than to see it in action. Click the button below to request a free demonstration at your convenience.

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