Customize content for events, challenges, health education, and more
Set up widgets to direct users to relevant content for their health and wellness issues
Add your own videos to FitLyfe 360’s Video Library
FitLyfe 360 gives administrators the ultimate control over content with options for customizing pages, widgets, and the Video Library.

Custom Pages

With one simple interface, administrators can add static content via custom pages in FitLyfe 360 to promote your specific eventswellness challengeshealth education content, and more. By incorporating custom pages, you make relevant information accessible to your user community all from within FitLyfe 360. In addition to creating the content, administrators can also designate who has access to the information. This enables you to direct specific content about issues such as chronic health conditions to the relevant population.

Custom Content Widgets

FitLyfe 360 enables administrators to create custom content widgets to direct users to specific content and report on their progress.

These widgets can be customized with specific content and visuals so they reflect your organization’s graphic identity and corporate culture.

Additionally, you can set up your widgets at one time and establish a schedule for release throughout the year, making administration of widgets fast and simple.

Video Library

FitLyfe 360 comes with a base of health education videos, webinars, and courses.

You can also customize these video resources by adding your own programs and content. You can find videos from other health and wellness sources online or videotape your own events and upload them to the library.

You can also create surveys for users to complete after viewing the videos in order to earn points. Simply establish promotion schedules and content to promote individual videos to specific user populations.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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