Comprehensive functionality from set-up, execution, and reporting
Create individual and team challenges for greater employee motivation
All challenge communications easily established and scheduled for dissemination

FitLyfe 360 gives administrators multiple options for establishing, managing, and rewarding Wellness Challenges. These challenges not only help your population establish healthy habits, but also promote a culture of wellness by using your own employee images, leadership messages, and other customizable techniques to make these challenges your own.

You can set up challenges for individuals or groups.

You can choose any wellness issue, such as fitness, sleep, healthy weight, healthy eating, or mindfulness. You can choose and customize predefined challenge templates or use the standard challenge template included on the platform.

You decide the behaviors you want to target, establish measures that constitute achievement levels, and select the points to be awarded.

You also create the communications for challenges from start to finish from predefined templates, which can deploy on a schedule of your choice. You can customize flyers and posters, and download these communications elements for use in your physical facilities.

While executing the challenge, you can refer users to  healthy articles, courses, and webinars related to the topic – each with the capability of awarding points for viewing.

You can also set up badges to recognize employee achievements automatically over time.

For team wellness challenges, you can incorporate a Leaderboard, which appears on user dashboards to give employees a quick way to monitor their progress as a group.

FitLyfe 360 also offers administrators an easy interface to monitor population activities toward challenges. Using our Analytics, you can then evaluate outcomes from wellness challenges and see how they contribute to measurable improvements in your population health.

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