Full survey capabilities built into FitLyfe 360
Any survey format and question type
Includes design, delivery, outcomes, and reporting

FitLyfe 360 offers an internal survey platform administrators can use to collect information about health behaviors and progress from users or to validate attendance for events in order to assign points. You can also set up a simple survey to validate watching certain media with one or a few questions related to the topic. 

You can use the survey platform to conduct any health or wellness survey. It’s sophisticated enough to be used to create an HRA, but simple enough to create event questionnaires or polls.

The system offers a full spectrum of survey question formats, including multiple choice, yes or no, branching logic, and measurement scales.

You can manage all steps in the process from FitLyfe 360 as well – from survey creation to delivery, awarding points, and outcomes management.

Ultimately, survey data is aggregated and can be reviewed and reported on using the Insight Manager.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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