Searchable by ingredients, cuisine, types of dishes, and cooking techniques
Users can devise meal plans for specific health conditions, like low sodium or low sugar
All recipes include detailed nutritional information and don’t exceed 500 calories

One of FitLyfe 360’s most popular and unique programs is our Healthy Recipes.

Unlike other wellness programs, FitLyfe 360’s Healthy Recipes give users lots of options to learn about, plan, and integrate recipes that enable them to sustain healthy eating habits and a healthy weight.

The library of recipes is comprehensive and ever-expanding. It’s easy to search and find specific ingredients, different cuisines, types of dishes, and cooking techniques.

Healthy Recipes help users manage nutrition for specific health conditions by identifying recipes and devising meal plans targeting health conditions, such as diabetes appropriate, heart healthy, low sodium, high calcium, or low sugar recipes.

All recipes are 500 calories or less. Each recipe contains nutritional information, including calories, portion sizes, and daily nutritional limits. Users can tag favorite recipes and develop daily or weekly meal plans.

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