Numerous ways for users to engage with any program
Points reward system motivates greater participation
Drives toward sustained healthy behaviors

Increasing user engagement is most effective when there are multiple routes for users to take to progress toward their personal goals. FitLyfe 360 offers numerous activities and programs that help users discover the best methods for changing their lifestyle behaviors.

For instance, a person at higher risk for a heart condition could use FitLyfe 360 to:

  • Participate in an individual or company Wellness Challenges to strengthen heart health.
  • Join an Interest Group focused on topics related to heart health.
  • Read Wellness Articles related to nutrition, lifestyle management, and mental health issues that can impact heart health.
  • Find Healthy Recipes and learn how to manage diet and nutrition with an eye to maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Complete a Health Literacy Question Set helping them learn what they do and don’t know related to heart health.
  • Attend an online Event with an expert speaking about the latest trends in heart health.
  • Talk to a Coach about specific ways to avoid heart failure.
With comprehensive programs and resources, users can continue to find valuable options that drive healthy behaviors.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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