Accessible via any mobile device or computer
Multiple methods for reporting activity
All activity data and incentives appear in real time

FitLyfe 360 focuses on collecting evidence-based data to validate user activities. Within the system, there are a variety of ways for users to track and report on their health and wellness activities. Users can use a one sign on to access the system via mobile devices, computer, laptop, or tablet.

FitCenter kiosks at company wellness centers or in office locations can be used to report visits and activity as well as some biometrics, including blood pressure and weight. Data captured can be monitored from the Activities page in FitLyfe 360.

Wearable devices and systems are also central to collecting validated data on activities. FitLyfe 360 accepts data from wearable fitness tracking devices including FitBit, Apple, Garmin, GoogleFit, Polar, Samsung Health, and Withings.

FitLyfe 360 also aligns with a variety of other wellness activity monitoring systems, such as Calm, Baby Tracker, MyFitnessPal, and HeadSpace.

This enables objective activity data collection for blood pressure, weight, steps, minutes of exercise, cycling time and distance, mindfulness minutes, nutrition, and sleep hygiene.

The variety and availability of devices makes tracking and reporting on wellness progress easy for users. Most importantly, FitLyfe 360 automatically captures the information and places it in each user’s profile in the database. There is no need for a third party to aggregate the data or time wasted to get the data into the system. The entire process is automated for efficiency.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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