How well does your current wellness vendor accommodate your company’s total wellness plan? They can most likely provide best practice guidelines and a centralized skeleton for execution.  But, how much flexibility do you really have in designing and deploying a full-spectrum plan that addresses your unique strategy, goals, cultural considerations, etc.?

FitLyfe 360 provides the truest level of flexibility in administering your plan design needs, both strategically and tactically, whether you administer an activity or health-contingent, outcomes-based model. With FitLyfe 360, you can create and manage each aspect of your plan elements.  This means you don’t have to conform to the limits of a technology solution.

Rather, FitLyfe 360 supports you! You can set plan-year-specific details and performance goals, measure and monitor year-over-year performance, retain permanent ownership of all your data stored in our platform’s data warehouse, gain key insights to which programs are performing for your membership, have immediate access to a real-time reporting dashboard, etc.

Contact FitLyfe for a personal demo that will prove you don’t have to just settle! Email or call us at 847.781.0800 (option 3).