6 Standard Categories To Meet PCMH Recognition

I took a look at Patient Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations as I studied the requirement for Wellness and Patient Portals. I came across this great definition of what it takes to be recognized as a PCMH from the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA): PCMH Recognition is based on meeting specific elements included in the following six standard categories:

  1. Enhance Access and Continuity: Accommodate patients’ needs with access and advice during and after hours, give patients and their families information about their medical home and provide patients with team-based care
  2. Identify and Manage Patient Populations: Collect and use data for population health analytics management
  3. Plan and Manage Care: Use evidence-based guidelines for preventive, acute and chronic care management, including medication management
  4. Provide Self-Care Support and Community Resources: Assist patients and their families in self-care management with information, tools and resources
  5. Track and Coordinate Care: Track and coordinate tests, referrals and transitions of care
  6. Measure and Improve Performance: Use performance and patient experience data for continuous quality improvement Practices must successfully meet the following “mustpass” elements to achieve recognition at any level.


Phase One of a Wellness or Patient Portal should focus on Enhancing Access and Continuity, Identifying and Managing Patient Populations and Providing Self-Care Support and Community Resources. Later Phases can focus on Tracking and Coordinating Care.

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