Analytics & Reporting

Healthcare Cost & Utilization

Through FitLyfe 360’s comprehensive analytics engine, you can

get a better handle your health care cost drivers

gain a clear line to true service utilization


engineer solutions to bring down costs by promoting healthier lifestyles

Program Engagement and Analytics

Program Engagement Analytics

The ultimate value of any health and well-being solution is how it impacts member engagement. The FitLyfe 360 Wellness Platform offers an engaging member experience design, free of clutter, and directive in its content. When you combine this with the power of FitLyfe’s dynamic analytics engine, you receive meaningful reporting, versus the market-standard of large amounts of data that tells no story. Our solution plots data in clear and concise formats, giving you a clear line of sight to program trends and supporting your ability to determine what is working for your population and what needs to be changed.

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