The FitLyfe 360 Health and Wellness Platform provides an innovative approach to health and wellness technology that is vastly different than our competitors. How, you may ask?  The answer lies in the difference between a technology Platform and a technology Portal.  Plainly stated, our competitors offer portal solutions, which means that you can have some ability to customize your plan design and user experience at the margins.

But, at its core, you can’t do things like integrate your other best in class vendors, make customizations to text and visuals, establish custom aspects to your incentive design, and provide what is truly a unique experience that speaks to your specific goals and corporate culture. You have to accept the overall product as it is, which means that you are going to have to make changes to adapt to the technology.

The FitLyfe 360 Platform, by contrast, remedies all of these stated shortcomings and guarantees that you will have an experience that matches your expectations and adapts to you.  Through an advanced administrative interface, you (or your FitLyfe account manager) can customize text, integrate all your benefits under one tech umbrella, establish and refine your plan design real-time, etc.  It might sound too good to be true.  But, it’s not.  Our game-changing health and wellness solution is waiting for you and your members.

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