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How Does a Wellness Program Help To Reduce Healthcare Expenses?

Ben Franklin warned Americans years ago that nothing was certain except death and taxes. Unfortunately, the founding father did not anticipate the constant rise of health care costs that faces businesses today, otherwise he might have amended his statement. As healthcare spending continues to rise, one of the best things a company can do is implement a wellness program to encourage employees to prevent the most expensive illnesses such as heart disease and obesity.

However, recent studies have brought into doubt the ROI companies can gain from a wellness program. Most health and wellness programs in the workplace have two components: lifestyle management and disease management. Of these two, disease management is responsible for most of the savings. In addition to keeping healthcare costs down, disease management provides added benefits to the company such as reduced absenteeism and greater productivity.

Controlling the costs related to creating a disease management program is one key to maximizing the ROI of the wellness program in full. A private platform model like FitLyfe 360 Wellness Platform allows a company to design a wellness initiative that will work for all of its employees. It can also provide the company the flexibility to build on what they’ve already created as the needs of the organization change. The comprehensive platform at FitLyfe allows companies to identify and promote the programs that improve employee fitness and well being while making choices based on effectiveness instead of convenience.

FitLyfe manages the biometric screening and data that help clients make a company’s healthcare spending work effectively. The programs can be customized based on the unique analytics it can provide. Rather than piecing together data to evaluate the effectiveness, a quality private wellness platform will aggregate the information in one place, providing a succinct assessment of the program’s effectiveness and allowing for improvements to be made as needed.

Companies looking to maximize the ROI on their wellness programs need a private platform that will manage the information for them effectively and efficiently. FitLyfe provides a complete service that promises to make a company’s healthcare spending do more for less.

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