personal fitness goals and monitor their personal progress

Corporate fitness challenges are an exciting new way for corporations to decrease costs and increase employee performance. Many studies have proven that a healthy and energetic workforce is more productive and profitable.

A recent trend in corporate fitness challenges are 3rd party applications like FitLyfe that handle the difficult parts of implementing such a plan. Healthcare costs are exorbitant and study after study has confirmed that the best way to lower employee healthcare costs are preventative measures rather than corrective measures.

Why Consider A 3rd Party Corporate Fitness Application

Fitness programs will reduce worker absenteeism, reduce worker disability claims, increase employee morale and increase employee productivity. But implementing a fitness program has its own challenges. Creating a program requires a dedicated wellness team to evaluate the company culture, evaluate the needs of the company, and use fitness journals to design a program that meets their needs… Or one can simply use the 3rd party corporate fitness applications available. These are significantly less expensive and time consuming than trying to create your own fitness program. 3rd party applications like FitLyfe can be implemented in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Employers can earn a 300% return on the money spent on a 3rd party corporate fitness application. Rather than maintaining a team and schedule to monitor the fitness program and allocating resources and man hours to this task one can use interactive and customizable programs to make this task quite simple. 3rd party fitness applications make use of network technology and easy to use interfaces to bring fitness to a manageable process.

Advantages of Corporate Fitness Applications

Applications allow employees to access the fitness program from their Health2Go app so that they can stay with their program even when they leave work. The program is personal and adaptive so each employee can view their personal fitness goals and monitor their personal progress.

The program allows for administration users to control the content, engage the users with messages and activities, and more! FitLyfe even manages rewards and incentives so one can spend his time doing other work.

Programs like this can be implemented very quickly as opposed to a more time consuming traditional fitness program. It is easy to collect data from the members and complaints or suggestions for improvement can be seen easily. Some programs offer member support and feedback where one can contact his wellness experts in case he has any questions.

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