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The Problem

A large health plan was unhappy with their existing wellness platform because of the slow, manual processes required to add eligibility data. It often took up to a month to add employees to the system as they waited for data to be incorporated by their vendor. They also experienced reporting limitations, with frequent waiting and additional charges for reports. They were ready to make a change, but did have other requirements, like an NCQA-certified HRA and compliance with all government regulations, particularly Section 508 because they had visually-impaired employees.

The Solution

FitLyfe 360 automated the eligibility process. The health plan chose to add new users on a once-weekly batch basis, although the platform can accommodate any timeframe, including real time additions on the fly. We use the WellSource HRA, which is NCQA-certified and our platform is fully compliant with all federal and state regulations, including Section 508. The health plan valued the ease with which they could manage each of their clients individually yet access all the data from a central repository. This gave them the ability to do analytics and reporting on an individual company basis as well as an aggregate basis – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. FitLyfe 360’s coaching capabilities also allowed the health plan to provide case management to their clients using their nursing and health advocates staff, a prized capability clients were seeking.

The Result

With FitLyfe 360, the health plan has fully automated the eligibility process, enrolling and disenrolling employees easily. Automation of the entire process has made their administration less time intensive. At the same time, FitLyfe 360’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities have significantly improved their ability to run reports as needed, evaluate program performance, identify opportunities to expand, and enhance program design for their clients, plus provide coaching services. Ultimately, the shift to FitLyfe 360 saved them money and enabled them to attract a number of new clients.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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