FitLyfe 360

What is FitLyfe 360?

FitLyfe 360 is a SaaS health and wellness private platform that simplifies health and wellness program administration. It provides unlimited access to the best of breed vendor services (biometric screening, care coordination, outcome based tracking, coaching, weight management, etc.). The Platform is 100% vendor agnostic, giving organizations ultimate flexibility to customize their design year-to-year. Equipped with the tools to engage members and increase program participation, FitLyfe 360 is the one-stop hub where users have access to all their health benefit programs and receive targeted and personalized health paths based on their own data. FitLyfe 360 shows organizations what is working and what is not by giving administrators access to real-time participation reports for each program. FitLyfe 360 is a Powerfully Simple solution.

FitLyfe 360 Platform

Why Choose FitLyfe 360?

Analytics & Reporting

FitLyfe 360 provides your organization with deep-dive data analysis capabilities through our analytics engine.

Biometric Screening

The FitLyfe 360 Platform includes biometric screening capabilities, either through our best-in-class partners or by adding your screening partner of choice.


Take your employees on a fun filled journey of health by utilizing FitLyfe’s library of wellness challenges.


FitLyfe’s FitMap provides credible disease management and care coordination services to members.

Member Self Service

The FitLyfe 360 Platform has been design to provide both members and program administrators with an easy to use self service utility.

Incentive Management

The FitLyfe 360 Platform can process incentive plans from the most simple to complex.

Eligibility Management

FitLyfe 360 can handle eligibility from different vendor sources and can also integrate with those various vendor access points through a Single Sign On (SSO) interface to ensure an effective user experience.

Data Hub

We eliminate the daunting task of having to piece together through our centralized repository.

Wellness & Health Programs

The FitLyfe 360 Platform provides engaging, easy to use wellness challenges and integrates a variety of health and wellness content to support well-being.

Powerfully Simple at Your Fingertips

FitLyfe provides a responsive smart device App, which allows your members to access the full features of our platform from anywhere at any time.

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