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Significant investment is required for wellness programs. Organizations need to analyze their programs’ outcomes to understand the efficacy of the programs and aid continuous improvement.

Efficient use of analytics is a critical element of a successful evidence-based wellness program. Nevertheless, analytics techniques vary in budget and scope – as well as confidence in the results.

Analytics in Wellness

Analytics in wellness programs is the organized employment of data and related insights established through applied analytical disciplines such as contextual, predictive, quantitative, and cognitive models. They aid fact-based decision making for measurement, management, and learning. Analytics can be predictive, descriptive and prescriptive. This article will outline the benefits of Data Analytics in wellness programs.

  • Analytics in wellness programs enables your organization acquire knowledge on the member’s needs. Without analytics, a company would be implementing the wellness program using a “shotgun approach”. Once you learn the member’s need, you can launch appropriate reactive techniques to solve the problems.
  • Good analytics in wellness programs allow a manager to approximate the cost of key risk factors and devise a portfolio of interventions. Thus, the program progress and interventions will be founded on well-researched data. The outcomes will most likely lean to the predicted direction.
  • Analytics allows wellness programs managers differentiate his or her program, see the future and make effective decisions based on reliable data. Analytics will enable them to undertake an analysis of the wellness programs to determine the effectiveness.
  • Analytics in wellness programs will enable the manager to use predictive tools to “see the future,” and design more personalized wellness schedules. Good analytics in combination with other statistical tools enable him or her to predict future outcomes based on current data.
  • Data acquired through analytics can allow the wellness program manager to expand program access, align performance with budget and hold down rising costs. Thus, analytics aid your decision making on furthering expansion prospects and reducing costs.

Final Thought

Analytics is a core component of FitLyfe 360 Private Wellness Platform. It is founded on proper analytics – company-specific causes and level of lost productivity, as well as the risk factors and the possible interventions. FitLyfe 360 aggregates all your data from different vendor programs and gives you complete insights into the effectiveness of each program, therefore allowing you choice based on fact.

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