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With healthcare’s ever-growing reliance on technology, there’s a corresponding increase in the need for security measures to safeguard healthcare systems. For those interested in secure wellness programs, HITRUST certification represents a good indication that such security measures are in place.

Why the HITRUST Framework is Important

Data platforms used in the healthcare industry often fall under the purview of disparate organizations, each with its own method of dealing with network security. However, the guiding framework for many of those organizations is usually the standard set by HIPAA.

These standards, while not precisely open to interpretation, still remain dense and cumbersome. Where one healthcare provider may assume they are in full HIPAA compliance, another may use different security measures and believe the same thing.

These organizations needed a guiding, comprehensible, framework that everyone could use while remaining within the larger HIPAA standard. That is the role of HITRUST.

Getting Everybody on the Same Page

With the HITRUST framework, healthcare organizations can all have a digestible series of security compliance measures that can extend between them. This serves to make certain security requirements standard for all. It’s that consistency between public, private, small, and large organizations that drives overall confidence.

HITRUST certification reassures clients, patients, and regulatory bodies that data is secure and securely managed. It also let’s everyone know there are proven policies in place to keep it that way.

The Role of Compliance in Secure Wellness Programs

Wellness programs need some way to reassure employees that by using them, they are not jeopardizing their sensitive information. After all, many wellness programs may not look as if they’re offered by a recognized healthcare service.

Even when offered by a reputable organization, employees may still show reticence in using any offered online programs. Or, they may hesitate to enter any sensitive data into a required field.

HITRUST compliance can help ease the path towards secure wellness programs for employees. When employees know there are measures in place to make sure their data is safe, they’re more likely to take advantage of wellness offerings. The more employees take advantage, the better the employer’s return on investing in secure wellness programs.

HITRUST certification also shows the employer the offered programs are ones they can trust. It’s not all about the end-user’s data. The business itself must trust the integrity and security measures of the wellness service provider as well. HITRUST compliance ties all these things together.

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