wearable devices promote employee wellness

Forget about those smartphone applications that caused lots of buzz with their ability to tell how healthy your meal is, there comes another shocker in the form of techno-laced wearables. Technology is taking center stage, easing people’s daily working and brightly illuminating on many firm’s wellness program.

Statistics seems to suggest massive subscription in the near future, not because of the shock-waves from the wonderful discovery, rather the many benefits that these gadgets bring to the firms. While the pioneering companies that have incorporated this into their wellness program for employees have already released success reports, many other benefits are at stake.

Incorporating these gadgets into many institutions’ wellness programs has, as expected, led to many contrasting responses, but apparently no one can stop an idea whose time has arrived. It’s evident that they will result in many benefits not just to the firm but to the user. But what are these benefits that everyone seems to be suddenly concerned about?

Benefits of these Digitalized Wearable Devices to Employers

  • Large institutions with thousands of employees have been rolling out this program to help cut down on the health insurance costs. They’re helping save funds because they enhance the safety of the wearer especially in the event of rising insurance premiums.
  • The fact that these gadgets have been included in their wellness program directly translates to concern by the institution to their employees. Employees are encouraged to practice healthy living.
  • Digitalized wearable health monitoring devices have led to productivity surges in many of the sampled firms. While many of these companies aim at keeping employees safe, they also eliminate cases of absenteeism, translating to maximum time spent in the workplace.
  • The devices are easy to acquire and are not costly, hence a boost in their bid to be part of the latest technology.

With these and many other merits, it’s no surprise that the trend is fast gaining momentum in many different locations worldwide. Some of the popular types of wearable gadgets include Fitbit, Nike+ Fuelband, Gramin, Jawbone UP as well as many more.

Reasons for Their Acceptance

One of the causes of mass acceptance is because the larger percentage of existing employees comprises the aging employees. Additionally, they’re cheap and work perfectly well unlike those other gadgets. They help avert a health problem beforehand and perhaps a fat hospital bill, a feat that creates a nod in today’s expensive ways of living.

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