benefits within their health care plan

Why do you need a Physician screening?

When it comes to biometric screenings for corporate wellness programs companies can use a few different options. Typically the most popular among the options are onsite screenings. Employers view onsite screenings as being easy and convenient for their employee population but onsite screenings become costly to the company. Another aspect of these screenings is having to dealing with the logistics which is not easy and the screenings themselves almost always run the risk of not being 100% accurate.

Each year everyone receives free preventative care benefits within their health care plan. A list of them can be found here. The list is so comprehensive that it is important to educate employees that they have these benefits as part of their health insurance. Rather than the employer spending more money on a vendor that delivers limited results they should encourage employees to visit their physician for their biometric screening. The wellness visit is free for the employee to use and is included in their health insurance premium whether they use it or not. Employers can provide incentives to their employees for using this method of screening as part of engaging the employee in the program.

For a long time, employers preferred to use onsite screenings since the technology did not exist that facilitated the collection of data from the physician or the hospital. However, FitLyfe 360 Wellness Platform solved that problem and it went beyond that. Employers were now ab le to view aggregated data in real-time without the need to wait for an account manager to deliver it. This created faster results for everyone; employers received the data directly and employees received their incentives quicker.

There is a tremendous savings just by having the employees use their physicians for these screenings. This moves health care to the specialist and makes it more effective for the employees and employer. With FitLyfe 360, you can still have the option to use an onsite screener but the key to saving is by using the doctor or the hospital at no additional cost.

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