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The Problem

Data. It’s the key to a successful wellness program. But for one of FitLyfe’s health systems client, it was the bane of their existing wellness program. Every process for incorporating wellness data was frustratingly slow. For example, data from onsite screenings had to be sent to a vendor, who would then upload the data and calculate measures and points. The process took days. Plus the vendor charged for every type of report – from biometric screening outcomes to program participation and points/incentives delivery – and many reports were considered special requests, adding more time and cost. Additionally, their HRA was more of a questionnaire than an HRA. The health system wanted to make a change, but needed to retain historic data.

The Solution

With FitLyfe 360, our clients own their data. That means that all data is accessible in real time, 24/7. We migrated the health system’s existing data to FitLyfe 360 and had them up and running in three weeks. Now the health system uses an NCQA-certified HRA and has fully automated every wellness solution and process, from biometric screening and reporting to challenges, points, incentives, and rewards. They also offer coaching services using their nurses and health advocates to provide case management services to their clients. Plus they run standard and customized reports whenever they need, giving them valuable insight into program performance for their clients as well as a detailed understanding about how each wellness program is impacting their clients’ healthcare costs.

The Result

The health system has complete data ownership with a secure, compliant platform that fully automates all their data input and management needs. They run real-time reports to stay abreast of how their wellness program is performing for the health system as well as for their clients, saving them considerable time compared to their previous vendor. Plus, with the addition of the coaching capabilities, the health system offers a more competitive package to their prospective clients and they have been able to attract and retain new clients.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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