Wellness Event Management

Event Management Made Easy

The FitLyfe 360 Platform contains an Event Management module that has been designed to ease the logistical and coordination burden often experienced by program administrators when scheduling onsite and virtual events. Anyone who has tried to communicate and host employee related events knows the challenge of “spreading the word” and managing an attendee list.  Our Event Management module encompasses several key functionalities to remove the headache from scheduling:

  • Schedule events through a single interface
  • Decide whether to automatically award points, and how many, for attendees
  • Decide if you want to require registration and set deadlines. Attendees will receive a confirmation once registered
  • Easily track participation/attendance
  • Push information to attendees in advance of the meeting
  • Invite all locations or specific ones
  • Calendar invites that attendees can save to their work or personal calendars
  • Easy to view module on the main splash page where attendees can clearly view all upcoming events
  • Can be used for health and wellness activity or other business related needs

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