Wearable Technology for Wellness Programs

What’s the number one fitness trend in 2019? Wearable technology, according to a recent survey by the
American College of Sports Medicine.

The FitLyfe 360 platform integrates with most fitness tracking devices and third-party apps to help you see
participant and population activity in one place. Currently compatible with:

  • Apple Health
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Google Fit
  • Samsung Health
  • Withings
  • Polar
  • Select iOS and Android apps

Cost-Effective Integration

Wearable technology integration is a standard feature of FitLyfe 360, so you don’t have to pay extra or
partner with another SaaS provider.

Wellness Program Design

You choose the wearable device data you want to see to support your wellness program and population health
initiatives. Use it to:

  • Increase wellness program participation and create friendly Competition
  • Reward Wellness Health Points based on activity-level benchmarks
  • Inform health coaches to provide customized diet, exercise, and lifestyle solutions for individuals

Participant Control

Participants opt-in and maintain control of what data to disclose and when their device or app syncs with
FitLyfe 360.

Privacy and Security

Participant and population wearable data is private, secure, and never shared with a third-party vendor.
It’s your data!

Here’s how it works

  • A participant uses a wearable device, fitness tracker, or third-party app to track activity.
  • The participant chooses what device and data to sync with the FitLyfe platform, and provides consent to
    share device data.Device selection
  • APIs capture and store the data when the device syncs with the manufacturer or parent company (Apple,
    FitBit, Garmin, Google Fit, Oura, third-party apps, and many others).
  • With participant consent permissions from wellness manager and participant, FitLyfe APIs collect data
    directly from the manufacturer or parent company to maintain privacy and security.
  • Wearable data displays in FitLyfe 360 Dashboard for wellness manager and participant.
  • Awards automatically calculated for each participant based on your wellness program settings.