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One Solution With Multiple Applications

FitLyfe’s patent pending real-time physician screening forms processing solution, FitDoc, provides an industry leading approach to the collection and automation of processing data.  By utilizing customized, purposed forms and pairing them with the digital scanning capabilities of computers or smart devices (to include cell phones), you can dramatically cut costs, increase processing speed to near real-time, and guarantee higher data accuracy.  Our customers are making use of this technology to process such items as:  physician forms, claims, health club reimbursements, onsite health clinic records, etc.
The three major components to the FitDoc process are:

  1. Form Customization and Generation—The system generates a pre-filled PDF on-the-fly for the member, based on the type of form selected, with their identity information in-place
  2. Real-Time Upload—The user takes that pre-filled form, once completed, and uploads it to the 360 Platform. The Platform, then, validates the user’s identity and reads the handwritten data and performs the data entry for you.
  3. Data Validation—The scanned data is then placed in a validation queue for review and approval, which ensures a fast turnaround and higher accuracy rate on data received

The power of this flexible utility can fully change the way you view and manage data streams…no more paper to track or lose, no long and costly data entry times, and dramatic reductions in overhead costs.  As a means of example, this technology has been used to reduce physician screening form processing for biometric screenings and achieved the following results:

  • Processing time reduced from 15 days to four hours
  • Users notified real-time of the acceptance of their documentation
  • Better privacy and security management of data
  • Reduced total operating and process costs by 83%
  • Program managers were able to focus on outcomes of the screening process instead of logistical and data entry issues
  • 99%+ accuracy rating