Get to Know Your Population

Biometric data can tell you a lot about the health of your population. But to get a complete picture of population health, you need to ask a few more questions. And it’s easy with our Health Risk Assessment. Our evidence-based HRA includes questions about diet, exercise, health status, and lifestyle habits to help you measure health risk factors in seven key areas: [ct_column_fourth]

Heart Health

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Cancer Prevention

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Diabetes Prevention

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Obesity Prevention

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Mental Health


Increase Engagement

  • User-friendly interface, intuitive design and branching logic creates a personalized experience for every participant.
  • Average completion time for web-based and mobile-friendly HRA is 10 minutes, making it easy and convenient for participants.
  • Participants receive a Health Age score, Physician’s Summary, Personal Report, and action steps to improve health after completing the HRA.

Manage and Measure Population Health

  • Reporting tools allow you to customize and brand the HRA, create groups and subgroups, compare assessment data, and more.
  • Administrative Report, Detail List Report, and Readiness to Change data help you make informed decisions about wellness program initiatives.
  • Integrates with your current wellness platform or site, or available as a stand-alone HRA.

NCQA Certification/Accreditation

  • NCQA-certified (National Committee for Quality Assurance) HRA meets all compliance standards and regulations to assess health risks, provide health education, and protect personal health information.
  • HRA question set designed using current research from peer-reviewed medical journals and leading health organizations.