Health Education Library

Welcome to Your Private Video Library

While it is normal for health and wellness providers to offer videos on a variety of topics, FitLyfe discovered a trend with our customers that indicated a different need. Many of them were producing their own video segments—either at the administrative level of filmed by employees.  The overarching goal of the videos has been to bolster program engagement, while delivering a very personalized experience for each company.  But, there was no easy or commonly accessible way to store and stream them.  In response to this need, FitLyfe designed an open video library that allows customers to take control over their video content:

  • Upload content to sources like Vimeo, YouTube, Viddler, or within the 360 Platform
  • Content production levels don’t have to be expensive and professional. Videos recorded by smartphones/device are highly effective
  • Tag videos so they are searchable by their content subject, e.g. an employee has decided
  • Set the viewing rights for employees and/or spouses. AND, you can tag videos as “social” so that they can be shared across all FitLyfe customers, showcasing your best practices, employee success stories, etc.
  • Select a “featured” video of the day/week/month to display on the main landing page

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