Dynamic Wellness

Secure, & Effective Coaching

The FitLyfe 360 Platform contains an integrated member coaching engagement module that provides seamless access to health and wellness coaches for members to resolve their health risk issues.  The module is fully HIPAA compliant, with extra security layers within the already data secure platform itself.  It offers coaches the following capabilities:

  • View a full member record dashboard to enter session notes
  • Set appointments with members via the Private Coach Calendar
  • View HRA results and full annual histories
  • View and enter biometric screenings results with full annual histories
  • Process real-time incentives for biometric events
  • Manage member health risks
  • Engage members through secure email, messaging, and video conferencing

By providing a single point of access to all wellness and coaching services, FitLyfe 360 guarantees a seamless member experience, resulting in higher engagement and coaching completion rates.