Integrates access to rewards via our FitMall
Built-in company-wide HR recognition program
Flexible points system stimulates consistent behaviors
The key to wellness program success is getting employees to engage with programs and activities on an ongoing basis. FitLyfe 360 uses industry-leading and flexible systems for points, recognition, and rewards to incentivize user participation.


Points are at the heart of FitLyfe 360’s incentive system. Administrators assign rules for point allocations for every wellness program or activity in FitLyfe 360. Then the system automatically tracks wellness points on an individual basis. Users can see the points they’ve earned based on their status completing activities or achieving goals right from their dashboards when they sign in. They can accumulate points or redeem them at any time from the FitMall.

Users can also earn HR recognition points which the company can designate for any HR achievement, such as reaching employment milestones, completing volunteer hours, referring a new employee, etc. The points are redeemable any time from the Recognition Mall.


For many people, gaining recognition among peers for their achievements is a powerful motivator. FitLyfe 360 offers a variety of methods for recognition:

  • Kudos – Any user can acknowledge another user with kudos – special messages posted on the built-in Message Board that can be used as a gesture of thanks, appreciation, or acknowledgment.
  • Badges – Users are recognized for reaching certain milestones toward wellness programs and earn badges at every level.
  • Message Center – FitLyfe 360’s centralized message center allows the company to promote programs and spotlight issues for the entire community. This may include recognizing the highest performing team in a location-based wellness challenge, such as between employees in different states or facilities within one company, or introducing a new article on good sleep hygiene.
  • Message Board – Users can create Interest Groups and use the Message Board to post news, supportive messages, and acknowledgments to other interest group participants. Other users can like these posts for added social recognition.
  • Leaderboard – The Leaderboard provides an overview of who is earning the most points within a company for all health and wellness programs and activities.


FitLyfe 360 automatically converts points into the reward levels pre-assigned by administrators for three different reward “malls” on the platform:

  • FitMall – User’s claim rewards for points earned related to wellness programs. Rewards in FitMall include gift certificates for major national and international retailers, Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, Garmin products, and options for donating to charitable organizations.
  • Disease Management Mall – Users earn points and claim rewards in this mall for completing activities related to a specific health risk, such as diabetes, kidney disease, pre- and post-natal care, heart disease, musculoskeletal issues, and colorectal cancer. These rewards also include gift cards and charitable donations.
  • Recognition Mall – Employees use this mall to redeem rewards earned for HR-related achievements.

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