Events calendar makes finding and registering for events fast and easy
Live events, webinars, Lunch & Learns, even biometric and coaching events
Automated systems and attendance
Events are a practical way to learn more about health risks, conditions, and wellness activities that can prevent disease. The FitLyfe 360 event module can be used to promote a variety of company events, which can be live, online, or both. Users can book an appointment for a day-long biometric screening or coaching event, sign up to view wellness challenge events, participate in a Lunch & Learn, or engage in any other event format. FitLyfe 360 automatically sends out reminder notifications for events. Administrators use the Engage communications capability in FitLyfe 360 to send emails to event participants based on requirements for invitees and notification frequency. Users can also browse the Events calendar and register for events on the Events page. Online consent is managed automatically through the registration process. Additionally, administrators set awards for event participation, which is automatically distributed upon attendance and completion of the event.

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