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Corporate Wellness Technology and Programs Press Release

Why Corporate Wellness In America Is Upside Down:Top 4 reasons

The concept and practice of wellness as a corporate sponsored benefit in America is well known and understood, but not without question and debate. Countless studies on program and plan efficacy, ROI, long-term impact, etc., have been performed, yielding mixed and conflicted results at best.

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FitLyfe Adds Clinical Intelligence Analytics and Automation Engine to Health and Wellness Platform

FitLyfe, a population health and wellness technology company, has built automated, personalized healthcare management…

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How to score health & wellness vendor performance — and why it matters

Perhaps the only thing more complicated than choosing a vendor is making sure the vendor…

Health IT Outcomes

Intelligent Wellness Automation Arrives In 2017

Automation may summon dystopian visions of a labor force crowded out by machines…


FitLyfe Health and Wellness Platform Ties Fitness Challenges to Charitable Giving

‘Tis the season for charitable giving, particularly among companies that look for ways of supporting “pet” causes…


The Essence of a Successful Wellness Program

As healthcare spending sky rockets, the buzz of implementing wellness programs is becoming louder. Employers want…