Online Incentive Management

It Pays to be Healthy

We offer financial and point-based incentives to participants based on biometric health results and program participation. Incentives can help drive participation up for your wellness programs.

Health Points

Outcome-base Incentive with Alternative Standard

Outcome-based incentives are earned when the user attains a specific health outcome (such as not smoking or attaining certain results on biometric screenings). An example of this would be measuring test results for a remove Health against the healthy range. Participants within the healthy range would receive an incentive and those not in the healthy range would be required to take additional steps to improvement to receive the same reward or incentive.

Activity Based Incentives

Activity-based incentives will be earned when users participate or complete an activity related to a health factor. This does not require an individual to attain or maintain a specific health outcome that is medically measured. An example of this includes walking, diet or exercise programs.

Health Points Management

Centralized Health Points is an incentive management program integrated within the platform. Members receive points based on activity related outcomes such as completing the fitness challenge. Program points can be imported from any wellness program vendor. Users can redeem points for prizes and administrators can set the point value of each program upon completion.

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