Changing employee benefit vendors is a daunting task that brings up a lot of questions, e.g. What if something goes wrong; Is a new vendor really going to be any better; How do I keep this from turning into a time-draining headache; etc.? All of your concerns are valid.  But, they can’t deter you from finding a better partner to help deliver your health and wellness program.  Too often, people stay with their vendor out of fear, fear that no matter how incompatible or unsuccessful the current arrangement is that a new one could come with the same failed promises and might even deliver something worse.  In short, a lot of people don’t want to take the risk.  But truthfully, the biggest liability is keeping an ineffective vendor partnership in place, especially when you will inevitably have to answer at some future point for how effective it is/has been.

FitLyfe understands these challenges and the associated barriers to finding a better solution. First of all, we provide a truly flexible solution that addresses the uniqueness of each of our customers.  Our FitLyfe 360 Platform does not force you and your plan design into a cookie cutter approach, which will inhibit member outcomes and lead to low satisfaction rates.  We have engineered flexibility into the DNA of our health and wellness technology solution that actually delivers on what others can only pitch and market.  This flexibility, matched with an advanced administrative control interface, puts you in the driver’s seat to establish, run, and manage your wellness program as you see fit for your organization.

Lastly, we know that even when you have made the decision to make a vendor change, there is still the consideration of transition and how much of a drain it will place on our customers. Not to worry because we at FitLyfe have designed a seamless onboarding and transition process that streamlines all tasks and places any heavy lifting on us.  Our goal is to make this as painless and effortless on your side as possible.

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