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Sam Salbi


Sam Salbi, the CEO of FitLyfe, is a visionary who architected and built the most innovative health and wellness platform technology available today. Mr. Salbi’s approach focuses on health outcomes and the return on investment for well-designed wellness initiatives. Prior to FitLyfe, as the founder of BSoft Solutions, Sam has architected multiple award winning, patented enterprise systems for Fortune 500 companies. Sam holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Master of Science in Data Modeling/Warehousing from DePaul University in Chicago.

John Tucker, MS

John Tucker

Senior VP of Strategic Solutions

In this role, Mr. Tucker is responsible for Account Management functions, ensuring successful client outcomes from implementation through live deployment, with oversight ranging from strategic to tactical initiatives. Prior to joining FitLyfe, John has held several leadership positions in the healthcare sector through his career. Mr. Tucker has over 20 years experience developing and innovating a range of programs in a variety of sectors: behavioral health, workforce development, employee assistance, and wellness and disease management.

dr kais

Kais Kharoofa, M.D. M.B.Ch.B

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kharoofa has been practicing medicine for the past 20+ years with a focus on surgery and has practiced medicine at numerous hospitals and medical centers in different countries, many of which he has managed. Through his direction, Kharoofa was able to improve the quality of these medical centers from C-rating centers to award-winning medical centers.

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