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Webinar: Why Wellness in America is Upside Down

The concept and practice of wellness as a corporate sponsored benefit in America is well known and understood, but not without question and debate. Countless studies on program and plan efficacy, ROI, long-term impact, etc., have been performed, yielding mixed and conflicted results at best. So, for every “pro” it seems you can find a “con”. With that in mind, we’ll examine some common sense factors that we do know and use those points to leverage success, which can be used by every organization.

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How to Deliver a Health-Contingent Plan Design

Health-contingent plan designs are the most complex type to administer. Having the right technology to support your organization’s specific goals will truly make the difference in your program’s success.
In this webinar, you will learn:
– The core elements of a health-contingent plan model
– The value proposition of an outcomes design
– How to utilize technology to drive the plan’s execution

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