Employee Assistance Program – Wellness Partner Solutions

Employee Assistance PartnerWhen you’re in the business of helping companies keep their employees healthy, providing an easy-to-manage wellness program can help control healthcare costs, improve productivity, and encourage a culture of health.

As your EAP wellness partner, we can help you:

  • Design customized wellness programs for your clients
  • Simplify population health data management for every employer you work with
  • Engage your client’s employees with easy-to-use communication tools to stay in touch
  • Provide incentives and rewards for participation, health outcomes, and goal achievement
  • Support health coaches with data and information to help employees
  • Identify health risks to direct employees to EAP resources

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with FitLyfe as an EAP provider:


Customizable wellness platform for EAPs

Help your clients create a healthier workforce with the FitLyfe 360 platform. You’ll have complete access to everything you need to develop and run a customized wellness program for your clients and their employees. The FitLyfe platform includes features such as a health risk assessment, health challenges, incentives and rewards, health education content, coaching tools, reporting tools, and more.

Communication tools to stay in touch with client employees

Use the FitLyfe platform to communicate with your client’s employees and direct them to the EAP resources you provide. Customizable e-mail templates and tools make it easy.

Business branding options for EAPs

Take the FitLyfe platform and make it your own with our white-label business branding tools and options to stand out as an EAP provider.


Health coaching tools to support EAP services

If you’re an EAP provider that offers health coaching, the FitLyfe platform includes coaching tools and data your coaches can use to help people identify health risks, make positive changes, and track progress.

Data-driven reports to demonstrate EAP value to clients

Imagine a CEO asking the question: Is our EAP being utilized? Demonstrate your impact by delivering customized reports that show population health trends, interventions, and your wellness program impact on healthcare costs from year to year. It’s easy to analyze client data with the FitLyfe reporting tools.

Our EAP Partner Promise

When we partner with employee assistance program providers, there’s one objective…Support your goals to help your clients and their employees be well. We’ll help you every step of the way and provide the tools and resources you need to achieve results.


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