FitLyfe has seen an increase over the last year in new customers leaving their previous vendors and contracting with us to utilize our 360 Platform. The chief reason in these cases has been the previous vendor’s inability to support and scale with their plan design needs.  With the national trend moving toward health-contingent models, the weaknesses in the large-name health and wellness carriers are quickly becoming evident.

First of all, the FitLyfe 360 Platform is not new, unlike our competitors. Instead, it has been tested and perfected over a decade. We have carefully engineered the technology to support such aspects as member privacy, data security, plan design differences, incentive management, activity and outcomes based models, year-over-year member/population performance, etc.

For these customers who have turned to FitLyfe, we have followed a proven consultative model to map their needs and align our technology to support strategic positioning and goal achievement. Following is a case overview of a customer that changed to FitLyfe, a healthcare group in the southwest.


The first step to engage this client was to conduct our Client Impact Analysis. During this process, we covered four major steps:  1) Interviews with key stakeholders to gather their input and ensure success planning; 2) Data collection and analysis—this was both for the immediate, as well as, long-term measurements of the program; 3)  Performance of current/former provider(s) was measured relative to desired outcomes; and 4) Opportunities to remedy performance gaps, course-correct on a variety of design elements, etc., were identified.

The major accomplishments achieved post-analysis were to adjust the strategic goals of the wellness program and reaffirm senior level endorsement within the clients’ leadership structures, evaluation and confirmation of the data collection points to align with programmatic objectives, and a refinement of the member experience. In terms of workflow management, immediate efficiencies were gained through the automation of previously manual processes.


Due to the limitation of their previous carrier, the customer had to previously construct manual workaround processes for the collection, measurement, and storage of data in various forms. Examples of efficiencies gained were:  FitLyfe’s physician form processing, which cut biometric and other medical information processing time from 15 to 30 days to near-real-time; eliminating the need to manage prior year’s data in spreadsheets or databases residing outside their former health and wellness portal.  Obviously, these were very time consuming processes that were also open to high error and data loss rates.

In parallel, we moved into deploying the technology, which supported the ultimate three-year vision of the plan design. The customer was moving toward a health-contingent model; so, we outlined the following model to solidify the transition.

We made sure that the first year was designed to deliver an HRA and biometric screenings (BMI, BP) and an annual flu shot. Year-2 expanded biometrics to include total cholesterol, glucose, and tobacco usage, along with acceptable ranges for the metrics captured, based on sound medical science.  Year-3 added alternative standards for compliance, health and wellness coaching, year-over-year performance on health data (members either met the healthy ranges or had improved by X-% as compared to the prior screening period), and premium discounts applied for those who were in compliance with the program guidelines.


FitLyfe’s organized approach to customer implementation, as well as, a truly flexible platform that was able to meet plan design needs, up to and including a health-contingent model (with NO workarounds), was the basis of our success. Before coming to FitLyfe this group was “making due the best way they could with the means they had.”  But, that was in full recognition that their previous vendor-partner had exceptional limitations that prevented them from ever being able to scale the program designs consistent with the customer’s vision and plan. Today, the program is operating in full compliance with their previously stated goals and objectives and moving members along the path to sustainable, better health.