Biometric Screening

Multiple Ways to Complete a Screening

Biometric screenings are necessary for identifying the health risks of your population. We turn biometrics into valuable information, which gives participants the information they need to improve their health all while maintaining the privacy of each participant.


Physician Form


Lab Screening


Health Clinic


Onsite Screening

Physician Form with FitDoc (Patent Pending)

FitLyfe has designed an industry leading solution to capturing medical data.  Through our FitDoc (Patent Pending) real-time physician form upload process, members and physicians are able to upload screening data into our 360 Platform in a matter of seconds, saving time and administrative overhead.

Onsite Screening

FitLyfe’s onsite biometric screenings provide the flexibility for your organization to use your own screening vendor or take advantage of FitLyfe’s network of medical professionals to conduct on-site screening programs. The choice is always yours. Participants can also conveniently schedule their screening time using the online scheduler through the 360 Platform.

Lab Screening

FitLyfe utilizes a national network of labs and pharmacies, where users can schedule their screening times and find the nearest location to them. This provides an effective and convenient alternative to scheduling with a physician’s office and may suit those employees with very busy personal and professional lives.

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