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The Problem

An industrial manufacturer with 3,000 employees was unhappy with their existing wellness provider, but was struggling to find a replacement. The company had devised a detailed program design with specific rules for biometric and other health indicators as well as how they translated into points and incentives. The company wanted to keep their existing system. They also wanted to be able to incorporate past performance on these measures to continue monitoring year-over-year progress. But all the other wellness technology providers they reached out to could not accommodate their existing infrastructure.

The Solution

FitLyfe 360 is designed to adapt to any data needs and structure. We were able to program the platform to accept all the measures, points systems, and incentives the company had in place. Within two months, the company’s new wellness platform was up and running. Our solution fully automated all calculations, reported results, and allowed users to claim their points/incentives in real time. Additionally, FitLyfe migrated 10 years of data from multiple systems into the platform, enabling the company to compare current performance with past performance and monitor trends over time.

The Result

The company was pleased to be able to retain its measurement infrastructure and particularly appreciated the comprehensive and agile automation that makes administering FitLyfe 360 so easy. Using the Insight Manager, they were also able to connect wellness and claims data, giving them valuable information for identifying at-risk populations and devising new wellness programs to address these needs. The company realized one additional benefit – thanks to the claims data and its impact on employee health, they were able to renegotiate rates with their health plan, saving them significant expenditures.

See FitLyfe 360 in action

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