FitLyfe drives effective member engagement while simplifying wellness program administration

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Adaptable wellness technology solution that centralizes all user and administrative functionality into a single platform.

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What do you need for your corporate wellness program?
Comprehensive wellness solutions? Integrated and flexible program administration? Effective engagement strategies that produce meaningful results? The agility to evolve as your employee population needs change?
The FitLyfe platform takes your wellness program to the next level
FitLyfe is a technology company that applies innovative, proprietary solutions to drive better wellness outcomes for companies and individuals. With FitLyfe, you can:

Streamline Administration

Here at FitLyfe, we prioritize convenience for all our clients. As such, we see to it that you can get easy access to all programs available under your subscription.

Increase Member Engagement Outcomes

FilLyfe 360 will provide insights as to each member’s performance to guide you on how to approach your fitness goals and objectives. This can lead to an increase in better outcomes.

Measurably Improve Wellness Outcomes

We will let you know the programs that are driving high effectiveness for all employees. As a result, corporate wellness can be achieved by everyone in your team.

The FitLyfe Advantages

Insight and data driven

FitLyfe gives you access to a wide array of data, delivering insight that enables you to make strategic decisions for refining your wellness program and driving better outcomes


Customized for your company and culture

More than just depicting your company’s logo, our customization adapts our wellness technology platform to your people, your culture, your solutions


Administrative flexibility and control

With real-time, plug-and play administration, FitLyfe gives you control over all your administrative functions so you can make changes on the fly


Improve member engagement

FitLyfe combines both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to deliver wellness strategies that engage a wide variety of users


Centralized user and administrative communications

Members find everything they need from a single point of entry and administrators have a single sign in to access every administrative function


Comprehensive wellness solutions

FitLyfe can incorporate any wellness solution in the marketplace – from your current programs, our own wellness offerings or third party vendor programs


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